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Mayoral Accomplishments

I feel that many accomplishments have been made in the past 8 years and I would like to thank our city council, city staff and city employees for their help and assistance in realizing many of these achievements. I would also like to thank our residents for their patience and assistance in helping us attain many of these accomplishments. The following is a list, year-to-year of what I feel are very positive improvements in the quality of life for all the residents in our city.


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  • Approved balanced budget with year end surplus
  • Celebrated 50th anniversary with monthly events, including dinner-dance, first city picnic, etc.
  • Refurbished 4 blocks of Highland Ave., along with new water main and grind and overlay of street
  • Refurbished well 7
  • Added 23 new businesses in 2010
  • Sold 24 million dollars of water and sewer bonds to build a new East Sewage Treatment Plant using Build America bonds saving the residents 2.1 million dollars over the life of the bond
  • Started the process of electric aggregation to lower electric bills for our residents and small businesses
  • Hired our first lobbyist Brent Hassert to acquire grants to save our citizens money and make improvements throughout the city
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  • Approved balanced budget with year end surplus
  • Reconstructed Cedarwood Drive saving the city 500 thousand dollars with an 80/20 match from the Will County Governmental League
  • Reconstructed Lynwood and Lincoln Ave. with 300 thousand dollar grant from emergency repair program
  • Reconstructed Barthelone, Pleasant, Sycamore and Parkrose with MFT money
  • Completed crack filling on 10 miles of city’s 59 miles of streets
  • Created our first city wide non-political and informative newsletter
  • Upgraded city website, added Facebook, Twitter, Nixel and e-alerts to better inform our residents of emergencies
  • Produced citywide calendar
  • Implemented quiet zones at 2 at-grade railroad crossings
  • Dedicated two new softball fields, concession stand and splash park in conjunction with Lockport Township Park District
  • Added 24 new businesses in 2011
  • Built new administrative building at East Sewage Treatment Plant
  • Added water main extension to East Plant
  • Secured 6 million dollar low interest loan to line 80% of city’s sanitary sewer system, with 25% forgiveness resulting in 1.5 million dollar grant at an interest rate of 1.25% with the help of Brent Hassert
  • Successfully passed electric aggregation saving our residents 25% or averaging 183 dollars per household per year through September 2013
  • Began working on sales tax referendum
  • Hired 1 additional police officer
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  • Approved balanced budget with year end surplus
  • Hired Brent Cann as Street Superintendent with engineering degree allowing him to do in-house projects and save the city engineering costs
  • Added 35 new businesses in 2012
  • Successfully passed sales tax referendum
  • Celebrated annual City Picnic
  • Established voluntary landlord/lease agreement
  • Upgrade Burry Circle sewer system with 150 thousand dollar grant
  • Completed crack filling on 29 miles of city streets
  • Began the process to build a new Crest Hill library
  • Created 5 year plans for all Departments
  • Licensed all city businesses with a current directory
  • Constructed sidewalks from Willow Falls to El Guero for safety purposes
  • Hired 2 additional Police Officers
  • Began Phase II Engineering for Gaylord/Division road improvements
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  • Approved balanced budget with year end surplus
  • Have been awarded 100 thousand dollar grant from Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity for upgrading comprehensive plan and zoning book
  • Received an A rating from our auditors in regards to city finances
  • Opened Goglanian Bakery with 200 employees
  • Old Mobil gas station rebuilt and reopened in March 2013
  • El Guero Fresh Market grocery store opened on February 13, 2013
  • Celebrated annual City Picnic
  • Reconstruct Leness Lane with 36 inch storm sewer, new water main, new curb, and new road in the summer of 2013
  • Reconstruct Donmaur Drive with new storm sewer, new water main, new curb and new road in the summer of 2013
  • Opened Old Dominion trucking terminal adding 200 employees in the spring/summer of 2013
  • Opened Dayton Freight trucking terminal adding 200 employees in the spring/summer of 2013
  • Added traffic signals: Division, Enterprise and Buckner Pond Way in the spring/summer of 2013
  • Grand Opening Crest Hill Library
  • Lined Rt. 30 water main from Leness Lane to Fern Street
  • Hired City’s first full time City Attorney Heather McGuire
  • Extended the contract of John Tomasoski as City Administrator
  • Extended the contract of Dwayne Wilkerson as Police Chief
  • Created the position of Public Works/City Engineer
  • Completed Well No. 12 construction and improvements
  • Refurbished Well House No. 9
  • Began replacement program of new street signs throughout the City
  • Appointed Community Development Director
  • Approved 5-year Allied Waste Contract
  • Completed MFT crack filling projects
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  • Approved balanced budget with year end surplus
  • Issued property tax rebate checks to all property owners
  • Approved Safe Routes to School Agreement with LTPD and Richland School
  • Successfully negotiated and approved Police Union contract
  • Implemented 12-hour shifts for Police Officers
  • Grand Opening Anderson Funeral Home
  • Celebrated annual City Picnic
  • Implemented Garbage Toters and Recycle Toters per contract to every homeowner
  • Drilled Well No. 12
  • Successfully negotiated and approved Local 150 Union contract
  • Reconstruct Clement Street, Cowing Lane and Waverly Court with new water main, new curb and new road in Summer 2014
  • Adopted new Comprehensive Plan
  • Approved Buxton Contract for Economic Development
  • Hired 2 part time Community Service Officers
  • Repealed Fire Suppression System Ordinance No. 1514
  • Reconstruction of Theodore Street from Larkin Avenue to Pioneer Road
  • Approved Weber and Renwick landscape improvements
  • Approved Well No. 1 Project
  • Completed Elrose Court Cold Storage Facility
  • Reconstruct Eldorado with new water main, new storm sewer and new road
  • Installed new fences at Well No. 4 and Well No. 10
  • Completed MFT crack filling projects
  • Implemented City sidewalk replacement program
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  • Approved balanced budget with year end surplus
  • Issued property tax rebate check to all property owners
  • Changed Longmeadow Drive to Randich Road
  • Hired one additional police officer
  • Celebrated annual City Picnic
  • Reconstructed Dearborn Street with new water main, storm sewer and new road in summer 2015
  • Reconstructed Rose Avenue between Dearborn and Center with new storm sewer
  • Approved Cloverleaf Cold Storage Building of 240,000 square feet
  • Approved Ridgeline Spec Building of 436,000 square feet
  • Hired 2 new Public Works employees
  • Approved new Capital Replacement Program for vehicles, technology and radios
  • Completed MFT crack filling projects
  • Continued sidewalk replacement program


  • Approved balanced budget with year end surplus
  • Issued Property tax rebate checks to all property owners
  • Added new roads in Crest Hill Business Park-Churnovic Lane and Lidice Parkway
  • Received GFOA award for Excellence in Governmental Accounting and Financial Reporting Practices
  • Reconfigured traffic signalization to new roadway
  • Celebrated annual City Picnic
  • Supported the elimination of city stickers
  • Reconstructed Durness Court with new storm sewers, curbs and new road
  • Honored Vic Pavlich for 43 years of service as Deputy Liquor Commissioner
  • Constructed Police Impound Lot at Well No. 7 on Elrose Court
  • Major improvements and upgrades to Rt. 53 Viaduct
  • Rehabilitated and upgraded Well No. 1 on Oakland Ave.
  • Conducted Feasibility and Space Needs Analysis Study for new Public Works Facility
  • Began construction of O’Reilly’s Auto Parts
  • Completed Kinder Morgan Gas Pipeline blanketing project on Caton Farm Road
  • Established Fund Balance Policy
  • Established Police Pension funding policy
  • Upgraded City Emergency Notification Alert System
  • Consideration of the creation of a TIF district
  • Approved façade improvement grant program
  • Approved Well No. 12 construction contract
  • Joined the Illinois Public Works Mutual Aid Network
  • Approved Well Maintenance Agreements
  • Approved Water Tower Painting and Maintenance Agreements
  • Approved Jarper Properties 14-home subdivision
  • Completed MFT crack filling projects
  • Hired 3 additional Police Officers
  • Hired 1 additional Public Works employee
  • Appointed Interim City Administrator
  • Appointed Interim City Police Chief
  • Completed pavement removal and replacement on William Drive, Connie Drive, Ardaugh Avenue, and Cara Drive between Susanna Way and Manico Drive
  • Opened the Rowland Veterinary Clinic
  • Held the City’s first Holiday Winter Fest at City Hall
  • Continued sidewalk replacement program


  • Will issue property tax rebate check to all property owners in March
  • Approved engineering for Wilcox Street road reconstruction and water main
  • Bid awarded for Gaylord Road-Division Street realignment, reconfiguration and traffic signalization for Summer 2017
  • Bid awarded for Caton Farm Road-Weber Road road reconstruction, realignment and widening from Perinar Dr. to Richland School for Summer 2017
  • Upgraded City Website
  • Received Environmental Project of the Year for Well No. 1 improvements

I look forward to continue making improvements and investing in our city’s future in order to enhance the quality of life for all our residents.

Investing in Crest Hill's Future
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