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Electric Aggregation Update

In 2011, the City of Crest Hill was one of the first 19 communities in the state of Illinois to take advantage of the newly enacted legislation allowing municipalities to seek lower-cost electric suppliers via municipal aggregation. As a direct result of the successful passage of the April 5, 2011 electric aggregation referendum, the city secured a 2-year contract with Direct Energy, offering all of our home owners and small business owners a 25% savings on the supply-portion of your electric bill. Our senior citizens were afforded a 26% savings over the same 2-year period. Our residents and small business owners enjoyed an average annual savings of $183 per household. The aggregation savings for the City of Crest Hill was approximately one million dollars per year. In these tough economic times, this program afforded our residents an unprecedented savings. The contract with Direct Energy expired in September 2013. As the electric marketplace leveled out, the City decided to suspend the program, returning all residents back to Commonwealth Edison for their power purchases. We continually check the marketplace to see if lower rates can be provided for our residents. As of yet, no rates offering significant savings have been identified. If the City does select a new electrical provider in the future, a letter will be sent to all residents notifying them of this change.

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